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Play Factore’s Virtual Reality Experience


  1. Participant minimum height requirement is 1.25 metres.
  2. The Play Factore Virtual Reality Instructor will measure and have the final decision on height admission.
  3. Parents are only allowed to play when accompanying a child in the Virtual Reality experience.
  4. The following people should not play this game: Pregnant women; persons who experience motion sickness; persons who are under the influence of alcohol; persons who are not completely fit and well; persons who are physically not able.
  5. No chewing/drinking/consumption of food is allowed throughout the Virtual Reality activity.
  6. No shoes are allowed. Socks must be worn on the activity.
  7. Instructors will assist the participants in the correct fitting and handling of the Virtual Reality headset, pack and controllers.
  8. All participants will be required to listen to Instructors at ALL times throughout the activity.
  9. For reasons of safety, no jumping or pushing in the Virtual Reality pod will be allowed.
  10. Instructors reserve the right to remove (without refund) any participants deemed unsuitable for the activity or deemed causing sufficient danger to other participants.
  11. The Virtual Reality experience is non-refundable.
  12. The Virtual Reality experience is open until 18:15. The last session will be held at 18:10.
  13. The Virtual Reality experience is only available during Peak times.
  14. Normal Play Factore Terms and Conditions apply.


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