Happy Halloween!

The Creators of Play Factore would like to wish all our customers a Happy Halloween! We hope you have a safe evening of Trick or Treating and end up with a cauldron overflowing with your favourite treats.

Play Factore celebrated Halloween with an out of this world Halloween Extravaganza like no other. The Horror of Oz evening was filled with screams of delight, oohs and aahs and the occasional uni cyclists whizzing by. Team Play Factore would whole heartily like to thank all our spooky guests that came along on a “Great and Powerful” trip to Oz, you made the night a great success with lots of tales to tell.

The night will be forever remembered throughout the land thanks to an attack of the flying monkeys who swooped down and invaded Play Factore. The Wicked Witch of the West sent them to do their worst upon our guests. During the evening they were spotted climbing up the side of our giant play frame whilst popping their ugly faces through the gaps much to the surprise of some scary little monsters running around inside. They followed guests around trying to get their hairy knuckles on some very sweet treats that were baked by our incredible team of chefs. One was even caught trying to break into the kitchen and go straight to the chocolaty source.



The scarecrow spent the evening looking for his brain throughout Play Factore (it would seem without much luck) as he chased little monsters up and down the giant play frame. Although he really mustn’t have a brain because at one point he was seen being chased by the little monsters just before he was ambushed and became stuck in a yellow tube. The little monsters tickled his feet and pulled at his straw fillings before he wiggled free and swung from the Big Red Slide.



Mummies and daddies dressed to impress the “Great and Powerful Oz” as they entered the Emerald city. Oz himself granted one answer to each guest that graced his almighty presence with a question they were yearning to know the answers to. Some wanted to know if they would get their dream jobs whilst others wanted to know if they would find their perfect man. Our personal favourite was from Millie age 6 who wanted to know if she would ever get to visit Play Factore again, of course Oz replied with only if you are a good little girl.

Little munchkins looked on in awe as skeletons performed incredible ariel circus skills led by the Tinman. The scary yet very flexible skeletons defined gravity by performing some seriously impressive moves. It is safe to say that no one at Team Play Factore would perform with such grace although I am sure we would all give it a go. Despite being all bones the skeletons moved in a way that enticed the audience and left us all unable to look away as they performed high above the floor.



The night played out with a monstrous disco from the incredibly talented DJ Mark Armstrong. Although mummies and daddies could not get on the dance floor as the children were showing off their dance moves. Not to mention some parents were kicked off the dance floor by horrified looking children! Of all nights, what a night to embarrass them.



Please remember if you are going Trick or Treating tonight, stay safe and don’t eat all the kids sweets, just the ones they won’t notice missing, although if you get carried away blame daddy. For those staying in we hope your Halloween evening with the family, leaves you with as many happy yet terrifying memories as our Halloween night has.

If you ever want to return to Play Factore just remember all you have to do is click your heels together three times and repeat “Theres no place like Play Factore!” and you will soon be visiting us again.

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